Don’t Be Fooled by No Log VPNs

The term “no logs” is all the buzz in the VPN industry at the moment.  With the continued focus on privacy or lack there of in the news we expect the trend to continue.  The only problem is that users often misinterpret the words “no logs” to mean they are free to conduct any activity on the VPN network without concern.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  As shown in many cases over the years where VPN providers cooperated with authorities.

No log VPN

Earlier this month we wrote an article about LiquidVPN who advertises no logs.  They mean that no logs are saved.  While they reserve the right to enable real time logging at anytime.  A point they make clear in their terms of service but many perspective customers probably don’t take the time to read it.  The same could be said for, EarthVPN and many other providers in the industry.  Some let you know when they log but most don’t.

I’m not saying that well known privacy companies are trying to fool their users.  At least not the ones we’re in contact with on a regular basis.  It’s more a lack of understanding.  Perhaps there’s a better way to state their position rather than saying “no log VPN”.  Regardless of whether or not a provider’s site states they log on the home page you’ll want to dig into their terms of service and privacy policy.  Even then you have to trust them.

If you plan to commit a crime using a VPN then you’re screwed.  If you think they will hide you from the authorities think again.  That’s been proven time and time again.  I think most VPN services would agree with that statement.  They don’t want criminals and those seeking to hurt others on their network and they sure won’t go out of their way to hide your actions.  For regular users that want to protect their privacy VPN is a good idea.