NordVPN Cyber Month Sale

Save up to 77% off NordVPN during their Cyber Month promotion.  The sale is live and will run through the end of the month.  That gives you a few weeks from the time of this post to sign up.  NordVPN is discounting a special 3 year plan during the Cyber Month sale.  You can save 77% off 3 years of VPN and SmartDNS.  Enjoy 3 years of unlimited VPN access from just $2.75 a month during the promotion. You won’t even need a coupon code. Simply click on the image below and hit the “Buy Now” button on the NordVPN promo page to save.

NordVPN Cyber Month Sale

After you sign up and receive a welcome email you can head on over to the NordVPN site and download the client.  From there you don’t have to bother with any manual VPN setup.  Simply install their custom client and log into the service.  The client lists all the NordVPN server locations along with the option of TCP or UDP connection.  We like UDP for streaming. They also have a Smart-Play SmartDNS feature.

Windows users can set the application to launch at startup, start minimized and show the latest NordVPN news.  You can also have the client auto connect to a specific server location.  Below that is a section called the process kill list.  Think of this as the internet kill switch.  If you have any programs that you’d like to terminate if the VPN drops add them to the list.

NordVPN has been hard at work adding premium features to their service.  In addition to the Windows client NordVPN supports Anti-DDoS, Double VPN and Tor over VPN.  All three are accessible from within the client.  You’ll see them listed at the top of the list of servers.  If you want maximum protection on their network we suggest Double VPN.  Tor users can use Tor over VPN for an extra layer of security.

We look forward to seeing what the NordVPN team has in store for the year to come.  The Cyber Month promotion will be live through the end of November.  You can visit to learn more about the service and to save up to 77% off 3 years of unlimited VPN access.

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