NordVPN Releases New Mac OS X App

The team at NordVPN recently released a new version of their VPN client for Mac OS X.  You will immediately notice the effort their developers put into the new app.  Mac users will appreciate the clean interface and ease of use.  Not only does the new app look great, it has new features that make it simple to toggle the VPN on and off.  It also presents you with a nice map view, the ability to set favorite servers, and a Netflix server shortcut.  If you’re not already a member you can join NordVPN from just $4 a month and try out the new Mac app.

NordVPN Mac OS X App

The best way to see the new NordVPN Mac app is to install it and test it out for yourself.  Before you do take a look at some of the new design and usability features:

  • Auto-Server Selection – NordVPN uses a unique algorithm to help select the best server to meet your needs and provide a fast connection.
  • On / Off Slider – a simple on / off slider will let you enable and disable the VPN.
  • Interactive User Menu – manage your user account and access live chat support 24/7.
  • Favorite Server – Set up a list of favorite servers for quick, easy access.
  • Netflix Shortcut – optimize your connection for watching US Netflix.

NordVPN has been hard at work adding premium features to their service.  In addition to the new Mac OS X client release NordVPN supports Double VPN, anti-DDoS servers, and Tor over VPN.  They are all accessible from within the client.  If you want maximum protection on their network we suggest Double VPN.  Tor users can use Tor over VPN for an extra layer of security.

We look forward to seeing what the NordVPN team has in store for the months to come.  Their new Mac OS X app release looks great and is very easy to use.  You can visit to learn more about the service and to save up to 50% off a year of unlimited VPN access.

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