OverPlay Back to School Bash

I can just smell football in the air as we near the beginning of the 2014 season.  The summer break might be over but OverPlay is giving away some goodies to help you get started this semester.  During their Back to School Bash, OverPlay is giving away SmartDNS access plus your choice of a Roku streaming stick of ChromeCast.  The contest is live and weekly winners will be chosen between Aug. 25th and Sept. 28th.

OverPlay Back to School Giveaway

OverPlay is a leading provider of SmartDNS and VPN services.  We’re particularly fond of their SmartDNS solution.  It’s perfect for watching live events like college football games.  Along with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.  While a VPN will work as well it’s really overkill for that purpose.  You give up some speed when using a VPN versus getting close to your maximum throughput with a good Smart DNS service.

SmartDNS is easy to use.  You simply change your DNS settings to those provided by OverPlay.  If you’re not comfortable doing that the OverPlay team has a client you can use to connect as well.  Either way you’ll have access to content in other countries that would otherwise be blocked.  A good example is BBC content.  If you want to watch BBC programming from outside  the UK you can with OverPlay’s Smart DNS.

The OverPlay Back to School promotion is currently under way.  They launched the giveaway page a few days ago so I suggest you head on over and enter to win.  Along with the chance to win a free Roky or ChromeCast the OverPlay team is offering some nice discounts on SmartDNS access.  You can enjoy unlimited SmartDNS for $4.95 a month or a full year of access for just $49.95.  Visit OverPlay.com to save on SmartDNS or VPN.

You can visit vpnsp.com to learn more about SmartDNS and follow us @VPNSP for the latest promotions.