OverPlay Orange is the New Black Contest

The much anticipated Orange is the New Black season premiere is coming up on June 12th.  As with most Netflix shows you can binge watch season 3 over the weekend.  The team at OverPlay is having some fun leading up to season 3.  They are having an Orange is the New Black caption contest.  You can win some really cool OITNB prizes including coffee mug, t-shirt, poster, and a signed copy of the pilot episode script.  Along with a month of free OverPlay service.  Visit the OverPlay OITNB Contest page for your chance to win.

OverPlay Orange is the New Black caption contest

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SmartDNS is easy to use.  You simply change your DNS settings to those provided by OverPlay.  If you’re not comfortable doing that the OverPlay team has a client you can use to connect as well.  Either way you’ll have access to content in other countries that would otherwise be blocked.  A good example is BBC content.  If you want to watch BBC programming from outside  the UK you can with OverPlay’s Smart DNS.

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Head on over to the OverPlay Orange is the New Black Contest page to enter for your chance to win some cool OITNB prizes and don’t forget to check out season 3 on Netflix beginning June 12th.