OverPlay Premier League Promo

With the summer warpping up it’s time for the 2015-2016 Premier League to get underway.  The first football matches took place on August 8th.  You can watch your favorite teams play throughout the season with a good SmartDNS service.  To celebrate OverPlay is giving away a PLP Premier League full season pass along with a year of SmartDNS and VPN access.  Visit the OverPlay Premier League Giveaway page for your chance to win.

OverPlay Premier League Promo

OverPlay is a leading provider of SmartDNS and VPN services.  We’re particularly fond of their SmartDNS solution.  It’s perfect for watching live events like the Premier League games.  Along with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.  While a VPN will work as well it’s really overkill for that purpose.  Also you trade off some speed when using a VPN versus getting close to your maximum speed with a good Smart DNS service.

SmartDNS is easy to use.  You can just change your DNS settings to those provided by OverPlay.  If your not comfortable doing that the OverPlay team has a client you can use to connect as well.  Either way you’ll have access to content in other countries that would otherwise be blocked.  A good example is the Premier League Pass site.  The service is only available for users in New Zealand.  SmartDNS takes care of that.

The OverPlay Premier League promotion is currently under way.  They launched the giveaway page this morning so I suggest you head on over and enter to win.  Along with the chance to win a free year of service the OverPlay team is offering some nice discounts on SmartDNS access.  You can enjoy unlimited SmartDNS for $4.95 a month or a full year of access for just $49.95.  To celebrate the Premier League season the team at OverPlay is offering an additional 15% off.  Enter coupon code PL2015 during sign up to save 15% off the first billing cycles of any SmartDNS or VPN plan.  Visit OverPlay.com to save on SmartDNS or VPN.

You can visit vpnsp.com to learn more about SmartDNS and follow us @VPNSP for the latest promotions.