Popcorn Time Adds Free VPN

Time4Popcorn is a fork of Popcorn Time.  Since the original developers dropped out a number of other interested parties have continued to develop the app.  One of the areas that has Popcorn Time users concerned is privacy.  Rightfully so depending on where they are using the app.  Some users have received the wrong kind of attention from copyright groups.  Not surprisingly a lot of Popcorn Time users have turned to VPN services to help protect their privacy.  Time4Popcorn has partnered with Kebrum to offer free VPN in the app.

Popcorn Time VPN

The idea of using a VPN service to protect your privacy while downloading torrents isn’t new.  There are many options available.  Some of the most popular VPN providers include IPVanish, Hide My Ass, OverPlay, PureVPN and Private Internet Access.  You can learn more about them by reading our best VPN post.  As for the new release of Time4Popcorn you always have the option of using the built-in VPN from Kebrum free of charge.

In general I would recommend steering clear of free VPNs.  They don’t have any financial reason to keep your activities private.  As for Kebrum I don’t know much about the service.  Their decision to support Popcorn Time will definitely gain them attention.  Perhaps they plan to try and upsell users to paid plans.  If so I would probably feel better knowing there is some business logic to the decision.  Otherwise I’m just always skeptical of free VPN.  The reason being simple.  Kebrum will spend a lot on bandwidth to support Popcorn Time users.

Best of luck to the Kebrum and Time4Popcorn teams.  I want to believe that Kebrum decided to join in based on the reason they gave to Torrent Freak “There are not a lot of opportunities in life to be a part of a revolution and we have recognized this opportunity. One of the main goals of the company is to bring back the anonymity to the internet,” and if so I applaud their effort.  Personally I would go with a VPN you trust.  If that’s Kebrum then you’re all set.  Otherwise find a company you feel safe using to protect your online privacy to the fullest extent.

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