Privacy Observer Quiz Results

September 22, 2015 update: the results are in from the Privacy Observer Quiz which included survey responses from 1,000 participants in August.  Let’s take a look at the results.

  • Finding 1: 73% of participants have used a VPN at least once
  • Finding 2: 63% of respondents select a VPN primarily based on privacy protection, 33% want to unblock geographic restrictions and VOIP apps, 4% for other reasons.
  • Finding 3: 44% of respondents see their biggest challenge in using a VPN as speed and reliability, 18% answered privacy and security, 17% said general ease of use, and 8% are concerned with the cost of VPN service.
  • Finding 4: 49% of respondents find that VPNs help protect them from 3rd party tracking, 44% like that VPN helps protect them from hackers when using public wifi.
  • Finding 5 and 6: 71% believe that zero logging does not exist, 88% feel that using a VPN greatly increases their online privacy, 12% felt that using a VPN makes them absolutely anonymous on the web.

How much do you know about the impact a VPN will and will not have on your privacy?  A new project called Privacy Observer will help you find out.  You can take their “Privacy Test” to find out just how much you know.  The quiz only takes a couple minutes.  At the end you will find some helpful information based on your answers.  You might find that your thoughts on VPN privacy are dead on or perhaps they aren’t quite in line with reality.  There’s only one way to find out.  Take the Privacy Observer and become more informed.

Privacy Observer

What will you learn from the Privacy Observer quiz?  I don’t want to give it all away but you will learn a few things.  For starters there are no zero logging VPNs in an absolute sense.  That one will surprise a lot of users.  They make it clear that while a VPN will help protect your online privacy, it will not make you 100% anonymous online.  Those are just two fallacies that the quiz will help inform you on.  You can learn more in the two minutes it takes to complete the quiz than you may have learned in years of using a VPN and other privacy services.

Privacy Observer is a Direct Spark project sponsored by ibVPN.  Direct Spark is an online marketing agency who likes to focus on new technology trends.  Given the importance of privacy in today’s world we’re glad to see them take on the Privacy Observer project.  You can learn more about the project on the Privacy Observer site.  The “Privacy Test” will be active through September 4th but there’s no reason to wait.  Head on over and test your privacy knowledge.  Help spread the word so your friends can learn more about privacy as well.