PureVPN Adds Virtual Router Feature

The team at PureVPN recently added two new features to their custom Windows client.  The first is called ‘virtual router’ and the feature will let you set up your PC as a wi-fi hotspot to share your VPN connection with up to 10 other devices.  PureVPN also added IPv6 leak protection in the client.  Members can download the new update from their site.  Those new to PureVPN can sign up for unlimited VPN from just $4.16 a month.  Those who sign up for a year of VPN during their summer promotion will receive a second year for free.

PureVPN VPN client

Let’s take a look at the new PureVPN Windows client features:

PureVPN Virtual Router

The new PureVPN virtual router feature is currently available in their Windows VPN client.  You can enable it to share your VPN connection with up to 10 devices.  PureVPN does this by creating a wi-fi hotspot.  You have full control over the wi-fi hotspot.  You can give it a name, assign a password, and set the number of connections allowed.  Since the other devices will be using your PC as a router you can expect some overhead when using this feature.  The virtual router will make it that much easier to protect any device within range.

PureVPN virtual router

PureVPN IPv6 Leak Protection

The new PureVPN Windows client also includes IPv6 leak protection.  As you can see in the center of the image above, PureVPN has added a check box to enable IPv6 leak protection.  The feature was previously in beta.  Now it is available to all users.  Enabling IPv6 leak protection will disable all IPv6 traffic to and from your computer.  This will help prevent you from leaking information when connected to PureVPN.

You can bet that the PureVPN will continue to innovate.  So far this year they have expanded their network to over 100 countries and added a number of new features to the service.  One of our favorites is their SmartDNS service.  If you like watching channels in other countries the feature will help you unblock content without the overhead of encryption.  For privacy protection you will still want to connect to their VPN.

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