Router Hacking Contest at Def Con

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Independent Security Evaluations (ISE) are hosting a router hacking competition at this year’s Def Con.  Contestants have an opportunity to submit new vulnerabilities before Def Con begins and demonstrate the attack during the conference.  The SOHOpelessly Broken competition will give contestants the chance to show their router hacking skills during Def Con to win.

SOHOpelessly Broken

Here’s a summary of each track of the SOHOpelessly Broken router hacking competition at Def Con:

  • Contest Overview -This year at DEFCON 22, for the first time ever Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) are hosting a no-holds-barred router hacking competition. You’re hereby challenged to compete in one or both tracks of the SOHOpelessly BROKEN contest. Check back here for scheduled 0-day demonstrations, up-to-date contest results, and other information during the con.
  • Track 0 -The objective of this pre-con contest is to demonstrate previously unidentified vulnerabilities in off-the-shelf consumer wireless routers. Contestants must provide relevant exploit information to the judges and publicly demonstrate the attack in the contest area at DEFCON 22, August 7-12, 2014 in the Wireless Village contest area. Judges will score the exploits based on effectiveness and badassness. Grand prize winners will receive [TBD], with additional awesome prizes for other exploit demonstrations.
  • Track 1 -This is an at-con capture the flag style contest where contestants will be pitted against 10 off-the-shelf SOHO routers, hardened, but with known vulnerabilities. Contestants must identify weaknesses and exploit the routers to gain control. Pop as many as you can over the weekend to win. Contest will take place at DEFCON 22, August 7-12, 2014 in the Wireless Village contest area.

Visit the SOHOpelessly Broken site to learn more about the competition.  Have a great time at Def Con!