Sabai Labor Day Router Sale

Sabai Technology is celebrating the Labor Day holiday weekend in the United States by offering special pricing on the popular Netgear 3500L router, VPN accelerator and their Sabai Freedom package.  Save $10 off their Netgear WNR3500L router with Sabai OS.  Along with $10 off the VPN accelerator.  They are also discounting the Freedom Support Package by $10.  Visit to take advantage of the promotion.

Sabai Labor Day Sale

Sabai Technology specializes in VPN routers.  Rather than run the factory firmware, Sabai flashes brand name devices with their Sabai custom-Tomato firmware.  Allowing retail routers to perform advanced features like OpenVPN and dual / tri-gateway support.  Sabai also has a VPN accelerator to maximize the speed of your encrypted connection.  They help protect your online privacy.  Read our Sabai OSv5 review to learn more.

Here’s a closer look at the Labor Day sale prices:

  • Netgear WNR3500L$159 ($10 off the normal $169 retail price)
  • VPN Accelerator$289 ($10 off the normal $299 retail price)
  • Freedom Support$69 ($10 off the normal $79 retail price)

You can visit to learn more about OSv5 and check out their full line of VPN routers.