What’s New in Sabai OS 5.5?

The team at Sabai Technology just released the latest version of their custom router firmware.  Sabai OS 5.5 (playfully called 5.FIVE) is a step forward for an already great operating system.  With Sabai OS 5.5 customers can expect more secure OpenVPN standards, better port forwarding, quality of service (QoS) improvements and AC router support.  VPN accelerator users will enjoy an easier set up process as well as an update to come.

Sabai OS 5.5

My first experience with Sabai Technology was in 2011.  After a nice chat with the owner, William Haynes, I tested their custom Tomato firmware and have been a fan of VPN routers ever since.  Last year brought Sabai OSv5 which had some nice innovative features built-in.  Adding improved support for port forwarding and dual gateway set up.  The latest Sabai OS v5.FIVE builds on that framework to add even more functionality.

Cheers to the Sabai Technology team as they continue to improve upon an already great firmware.  Those seeking a custom router to help protect your privacy should definitely consider Sabai.  They have partnered with a number of VPN services including IPVanish, PureVPN, StrongVPN, ibVPN and several others to provide an out of the box solution for their members.  The addition of AC support will mean an even faster experience.

There is one area where I could see Sabai continue to improve in the future.  That’s in router selection.  When it comes to AC devices they are offering the Tenda 1800R wireless router.  I’ve never heard of it.  In my opinion the addition of AC routers from the big brand names like Netgear and Asus would add even more value.

As you can see Sabai put a lot of effort into their new OSv5.5 release.  You can visit SabaiTechnology.com to learn more about OSv5.5 and check out their full line of VPN routers.  Those who want help upgrading can buy a Sabai Freedom package for just $49.  Follow us @VPNSP for the latest VPN router news and deals.