Top 10 Summer VPN Deals

It’s time for fun in the sun.  Whether you’re traveling around the world or staying at home, a good VPN service can help protect your privacy.  We’re excited to share our top 10 VPN promotions of the summer including specials from IPVanish, OverPlay StrongVPN, Hide My Ass, PIA and more.  Enjoy prices as low as $39 a year.  Some deals require coupon codes and are time sensitive.  We’ll make sure to point out when you need them.

Summer VPN Specials

1. IPVanish – Unlimited VPN from just $4.87 a month

The IPVanish summer special includes unlimited VPN access for $58 a year using our coupon code.  The code is pre-filled if you click on the link below so you won’t need it to ensure the discount.  IPVanish has fast VPN servers in 63 countries along with client software and mobile apps.  Sign up for the IPVanish VPNSP promotion using our coupon to enjoy unlimited VPN from just $4.87 a month.

2. OverPlay – Unlimited VPN with SmartDNS from $6.25 a month

If you want the benefit of privacy protection along with the ability to unblock channels in other countries without the speed loss of encryption then OverPlay is a great choice.  During our OverPlay VPNSP promotion you can save 25% off with unlimited VPN and Smart DNS from just $6.25 a month.  You can sign up for Smart DNS without the encrypted VPN access from just $3.12 a month.

3. StrongVPN – Unlimited VPN access from $4.58 a month

StrongVPN is a staple in the personal VPN space.  They have perhaps the best customer support in the industry. StrongVPN limits the number of users on each server.  In doing so they are able to keep the overhead down on their servers.  That gives customers excellent performance and reliability.  You can sign up for the StrongVPN special offer to enjoy unlimited VPN access from $4.58 a month.

4. Hide My Ass – Unlimited VPN from $4.99 a month

Hide My Ass hardly needs any introduction.  They were one of the first personal VPN services to take the market by storm and are now part of AVG Technologies.  During the Hide My Ass Midsummer Nights deal you can enjoy unlimited VPN access from just $4.99 a month.  HMA Pro VPN members have access to servers in 200 countries along with a full line up of client software and mobile apps.

5. Private Internet Access – Unlimited VPN from $3.25 a month

Private Internet Access is a great value any way you look at it.  They have built an excellent reputation and continue to grow their network with 2,800+ servers in 18 countries.  While their prices are already very reasonable, you can save some additional money with our PIA VPNSP discount with unlimited VPN access from just $3.25 a month.  Connect to any server with their VPN client or mobile app.

6. PureVPN – Unlimited VPN from $4.16 a month

The PureVPN summer promotion includes unlimited VPN access from just $49.99 a year. On top of that anyone who signs up for a year of VPN will get a year free.  You will not need a promo code for this deal.  Simply visit the PureVPN summer splash offer page and sign up.  PureVPN manages a network of VPN servers in 101 countries.  They have very nice VPN software and mobile apps.

7. ibVPN – Unlimited VPN and SmartDNS from $4.84 a month

ibVPN is celebrating the summer season with a special promotion on their VPN and ibDNS service. The service is a good choice for privacy protection and for unblocking websites.  if you become a member during the ibVPN summer promo you can enjoy unlimited VPN and SmartDNS access from just $4.84 a month.  The difference between their VPN and ibDNS service is encryption.

8. LiquidVPN – Unlimited VPN from $4.80 a month

LiquidVPN is a newer addition to the VPN industry than some on out list but they are making a name for themselves by offering transparency.  LiquidVPN is kindly offering our visitors 20% off any of their VPN service.  You can sign up through our LiquidVPN VPNSP special page to save 20% off any LiquidVPN plan.  They have multiple plans based on connections with two logins from $4.80 a month.

9. HideIPVPN – Unlimited VPN and SmartDNS from $4.99 a month

HideIPVPN concluded their summer promotion in mid-June.  Even so you might not realize they have a Formula 1 offer active throughout the season.  You can sign up during the HideIPVPN Formula 1 promotion to save 50% off any VPN or Smart DNS plan.  New members can enjoy unlimited VPN along with SmartDNS service for under $5 a month.  The discount applies for the F1 season.

10. SaferVPN – Unlimited VPN access from $5.09 a month

The team at SaferVPN is offering our visitors an exclusive discount on their VPN service.  Protect your privacy and unblock geo-blocked sites by connecting to any of their servers in 22 countries.  You can visit our SaferVPN VPNSP promo page to save 43% off with unlimited VPN access from $5.09 a month.  SaferVPN offers three plans based on the number of concurrent connections you need.