TunnelBear Tunnels to Japan

The bear has made it all the way to Japan.  It looks like the TunnelBear team has added a new server location in Tokyo.  Their network now spans into Japan along with the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.  We fired up the Windows beta client and found that Japan was ready to go.  If you have any issues make sure to download the latest version of their Windows / Mac client or iOS / Android apps.

TunnelBear Japan

We went ahead and tested the speed of their Tokyo server.  After connecting to TunnelBear Japan we tested using SpeedTest.net and found our speed to be around 1.48 Mbps.   Fast enough to browse the web.

If you’re from Japan or planning to visit the region, TunnelBear can help protect your privacy.  Remember that TunnelBear offers up to 500 MB of free usage each month with more for tweeting about the service.  Premium memberships are available from $4.99 a month and include unlimited access.

The TunnelBear team continues to expand their network and offers specials on a regular basis.  You can read our review to learn more about the service and their client software.  Visit TunnelBear.com to try it out.