VPN4ALL Launches TurboStream

Earlier today VPN4ALL announced a new service to compliment their popular online privacy offering.  The new TurboStream is a smart DNS service.  Think of it as a non-secure tunnel between your system and their network in another country.  Helping you access geographically restricted content in the United States, United Kingdom, France,  Germany and Canada.  TurboStream is available for $9.99 a month with term discounts.

VPN4ALL TurboStream

We look forward to testing the new service next week and writing a full review.  In the meantime we wanted to share some info so you can try TurboStream over the weekend.  Let’s start with the user interface.  VPN4ALL isn’t the first to release a smart DNS service but they are the first to provide a nice client for it.

VPN4ALL TurboStream client

I really look forward to testing TurboStream next week.  Please don’t confuse it with their VPN service.  Smart DNS offerings aren’t encrypted.  They help you access content in other countries.  They aren’t meant for privacy.  If you need private Internet access then look closely at their VPN plans.  A VPN will open access to the same content with encryption.  At the trade off of speed.  It’s a matter of privacy vs. performance.

VPN4ALL is offering a discount on their new TurboStream service.  During check out use coupon code OFF20 to save 20% off your first month.  The offer expires July 30th.  Visit VPN4ALL.com to learn more or sign up.