VPNArea Offers VPNSP Coupon

We love bringing you the lowest pricing on the best VPN providers.  We’re very lucky to be able to offer discounts on leading services like IPVanish, Private Internet Access and VPN4ALL.  The latest addition to our list of VPN coupons is VPNArea.  Thanks to the VPNArea team for offering our visitors 12% off their already discounted prices.  You can enjoy unlimited VPN access from just $4.33 a month using coupon code vpnsp.

VPNArea coupon

As you can see above VPNArea discounts their six month and annual accounts.  That’s typical of VPN pricing but VPNArea offers a pretty deep discount with 50% off yearly sign ups.  The vpnsp coupon code stacks on top of that savings.  Here’s a look at the pricing when you use our vpnsp coupon:

If you’re new to VPNArea then I suggest you read our review of the service.  VPNArea doesn’t have the name recognition of some of the larger brands but they have a lot to offer.  For starters VPNArea manages a network of servers in 44 countries.  Their Chameleon client for Windows is easy to use and they just released mobile apps for iOS and Android.  It may only be July but it’s been a very busy year already for the team at VPNArea.

We’re always interested to see how a service performs as they grow.  It’s one thing to be fast at launch when there’s next to no one on the network but what happens as members start hitting it harder.  I’m happy to share that so far VPNArea has handled it well.  I tested the performance just before writing this post and it was just as fast as the last time we tested it for speed a few months ago.  As a new member you’re covered under their 7 day money back guarantee.  Giving you plenty of time to test their software and network.

Read our VPNArea review to learn more about the service and follow us @VPNSP for the latest VPN coupons.