New VyprVPN Plans: More Features, Lower Price

VyprVPN recently revamped their VPN plans to include more features for a lower price. We were glad to see the VyprVPN Basic plan go away. It was limited to PPTP which is not as secure as the rest of the protocols VyprVPN offers. Cheers to the VyprVPN team for doing away with the Basic plan. You can now choose between two plans. The first is simply called VyprVPN and is the one we would select. It includes unlimited data usage and up to 3 connections. The VyprVPN Premium plan adds VyprVPN Cloud and Chameloan protocol which is good for those in countries that attempt to block VPNs. If you live in China then go with the VyprVPN Premium plan.

VyprVPN plans

If you compare the new VprVPN plans to their previous plans you will quickly notice a big difference in pricing. The old VyprVPN Basic account was once offered at the same annual price as the new VyprVPN Premium plan. Instead of being limited to PPTP connections, you gain full access to the VyoprVPN network along with 5 connections and all the extra features for the same price. Those who are fine with 3 connections can drop down to the standard plan and save even more. Here’s a closer look at both the new VyprVPN plans:

  • VyprVPN (unlimited data usage, 3 connections) – from $3.75 a month
  • VyprVPN Premium (5 connections, VyprVPN Cloud, Chameleon) – from $5 a month

The VyprVPN Premium plan is a must have for users in China. The Chameleon protocol will help you get around the great firewall. China puts a lot of effort into blocking VPNs so this is well worth the extra cost. You can also set up your own dedicated cloud VPN server. This is a good solution for more technical users who want more control. You can connect to your personal server through the VyprVPN client app.