Welcome to VPNSP Blog

Welcome to VPNSP Blog.  The URL name stands for VPN service providers and the blog is meant to compliment our main site which is vpnsp.com.  Over at vpnsp.com we focus on reviewing and comparing personal VPN providers and client software.  The blog is an extension to those efforts.  A good place for us to share industry news and the latest promotions with our readers.  We hope you enjoy our new blog site.

Prior to launching vpnspblog.com we hosted our blog at vpnreviews.net.  While our focus was the same there was confusion as to whether or not VPNReviews and VPNSP were connected.  That won’t be the case anymore as the VPNSPBlog name clearly shows the connection between our sites.  All the current content on VPNReviews will stay there.  We have some other exciting goals planned for that site.

What you can expect to see on our VPNSP Blog site:

  • Articles to help protect your online privacy
  • The latest innovations in the VPN industry
  • New service launches, promotions, free trials and more
  • Updates to VPN clients, pricing or account offerings
  • We love mobile so you can expect lots of iOS and Android VPN posts
  • Tests of the latest VPN routers and other helpful devices

What you won’t see on our VPNSP Blog site:

  • In-depth reviews will typically be conducted on our main site – vpnsp.com
  • Up to date speed tests for leading providers will be kept at vpnsp.com
  • We will express our opinion at times and you might not always agree with us.  We respect that.
  • We choose not to offer blog comments to cut down on spam.  If you have suggestions for the site or comments for our staff we’d love to hear from you – feedback (at) vpnsp.com

Thank you for joining us.  I hope we can build an active community of users that are passionate about online privacy.  We always welcome your suggestions.  In fact we rely on them to make the site better.  Please help us by telling others about our efforts.  More than anything help your family and friends stay safe online.