2019 Best VPN Service Awards

We’re excited to share this year’s VPNSP Editor’s Choice award winner’s for the “2019 Best VPN Services.”  The honorees include some of the best-known and most innovative VPN providers in the world.  These companies manage thousands of VPN servers around the globe, provide the fastest connections, offer free mobile apps and much more.  Please join us in congratulating our 2019 Editor’s Choice award winners.

2019 Best VPN Awards

We recognize multiple provider’s in our list of award winners, allowing us to honor the accomplishments of services that have and continue to help our visitors protect their online privacy and anonymity.  With over 300 VPN services to choose from we narrowed the list down to the top five providers.   This year we would like to congratulate ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost, IPVanish, and Private Internet Access.

Let’s take a closer look at our VPNSP Editor’s Choice winners for the “2019 Best VPN Services:”

ExpressVPN – Best Overall

ExpressVPN Editor's Choice Award

ExpressVPN is our top choice again this year based on the quality of the service and their continued software development. We especially like their Chrome web browser extension and custom router app. Members have a wide selection of features and options to choose from including unlimited VPN and smart DNS access with the choice of free client software and mobile apps. You can connect on 5 devices at a time to protect your privacy.

ExpressVPN members enjoy unlimited VPN service. You can use ExpressVPN’s network of VPN servers located in 94 countries (full list) along with support for OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP. New members can enjoy a 15 months of unlimited VPN access from just $6.67 a month.

NordVPN – Best Value

NordVPN Editor's Choice Award

NordVPN was selected for an Editor’s Choice Award based on their efforts in developing extra privacy features like double VPN and Onion over VPN. They support both VPN and SmartDNS. Customers can connect to any of their VPN servers across 87 countries using up to 256-bit encryption. They offer free VPN client software for both desktop and mobile devices. Protect your privacy and unblock content.

NordVPN offers unlimited access to over 5500 VPN servers located in 60 countries (full list) along with SmartDNS to unblock geo-restrictions. They support Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Enjoy unlimited VPN and SmartDNS service from just $2.99 a month.

CyberGhost – Best for Beginners

CyberGhost Editor's Choice Award

CyberGhost is well known for providing quality VPN service. Members are greeted with a wide range of features including their custom VPN client for desktop and mobile. You can use the client to access their network of VPN servers in over 60 countries around the world. Switch locations and IP addresses on the fly. The CyberGhost client software supports Windows and Mac. They also have mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

CyberGhost offers unlimited access to VPN ervers in over 60 countries along with support for PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and OpenVPN connections. With their free CyberGhost client and a number of enhanced features like browser extensions. Enjoy unlimited VPN from just $2.75 a month.

IPVanish – Fastest US VPN

2017 Best VPN Service Awards

IPVanish is focused on speed and reliability.  They manage VPN servers in 63 countries.  Members will appreciate the performance of their network as IPVanish is consistently the fastest VPN service in North America.  Members can use their VPN client for Windows or Mac along with mobile apps for iOS and Android. They all have the same user interface so you’ll find the service very easy to use. You can connect on ten devices simultaneously and have access to SOCKS 5 proxy as well.

IPVanish offers unlimited access to 700+ VPN servers located in 63 countries (full list) along with support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and DD-WRT routers with their free IPVanish client and apps for your favorite mobile devices.  Enjoy unlimited VPN from just $4.87 a month.

Private Internet Access – Best for P2P

Praivet Internet Access 2017 Editors Choice Award

Private Internet Access has a strong reputation among VPN users.  The value of their service makes it a fan favorite.  We appreciate PIA offering our visitors an extra savings off their already low prices.  You can expect a fast, reliable connection.  Private Internet Access is P2P / torrent friendly and also supports VoIP.  They have a feature rich client for both Windows and Mac. Along with a free mobile app for Android users.

Private Internet Access users enjoy unlimited VPN service.  Connect to any of their 3,200+ VPN servers located in 24 countries (full list) along with support for OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP.  Enjoy unlimited VPN access and up to 5 simultaneous connections from just $3.33 a month.

Congratulations to the recipients of our 2019 Editors Choice Awards for the best VPN services.  Please help us recognize and congratulate the winners for their accomplishments.  We look forward to their continued efforts.

Fastest VPN Services of 2014

We recently tested the speeds of several of our top VPN services.  You can see some of the fastest results below.  In the future we will be switching from Speedtest.net over to another solution.  The reason being that speedtest.net can give inaccurate results based on data compression.  We’re considering TestMy.net or SpeedOf.me for our next round of testing.  If you have any other suggestions please let us know @VPNSP.

We use a number of leading VPN services on a regular basis.  Testing their speed and reliability at different times of the day, week and month.  Then every so often we go crazy and test the speed of several server locations for our top providers.  In a moment we’ll show you how some leading VPN companies performed.  We’ll guide you through the highlights of our testing along with links to the full set of results for each service.

Let’s jump right into the VPN speed tests.  We tested each VPN service using an OpenVPN UDP connection.

IPVanish – Top Speed 45.08 Mbps

IPVanish Speed Test

We’ll start with speed test results for IPVanish along with the bandwidth provider for each location:

  • Atlanta – Highwinds Networking Group – 45.08 Mbps
  • Chicago – Highwinds Networking Group – 31.56 Mbps
  • Los Angeles – Bandcon – 30.02 Mbps
  • Toronto – 1651884 – 32.99 Mbps
  • London – Eweka Internet Services – 27.53 Mbps
  • Amsterdam – Eweka Internet Services – 31.75 Mbps

IPVanish offers logless, fast VPN access from their network of 130+ VPN servers in 58 countries (full list) along with support for OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP connections.  They have a free VPN client for Windows and Mac along with a nice Android app.  Enjoy unlimited VPN from just $5.20 a month.

Hide My Ass – Top Speed 31.76 Mbps

Hide My Ass Speed Test

Let’s take a look at the speed test results for Hide My Ass along with the bandwidth provider for each location:

  • Atlanta – Nobis Technology Group – 31.76 Mbps
  • Chicago – FDC Servers – 10.99 Mbps
  • Los Angeles – Quadranet– 30.99 Mbps
  • Toronto – Amanah Tech – 21.45 Mbps
  • London – UK Dedicated Servers – 25.60 Mbps
  • Amsterdam – Swiftway SP – 27.95 Mbps

Hide My Ass is interesting as their custom VPN client has some great features but it doesn’t currently support UDP connections.  Without using UDP we get slower speeds on their network.  For the best performance I installed the open source OpenVPN client and grabbed the config files from the HMA site.  They make it pretty easy to set up.  Here’s a link to learn more.  You can just grab the server locations you want to use.

Hide My Ass offers unlimited VPN access from 630+ VPN servers located in 75 countries (full list) along with support for OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP connections.  With their free HMA Pro VPN client and a number of enhanced features.  Enjoy unlimited VPN access from just $6.55 a month.

VPN4ALL – Top Speed 39.14 Mbps

VPN4ALL speed test

Now let’s review the speed test results for VPN4ALL along with the bandwidth provider for each location:

  • Atlanta – Nobis Technology Group – 39.14 Mbps
  • Chicago – FDC Servers – 33.56 Mbps
  • Los Angeles – Network Operations Center – 32.45 Mbp
  • Toronto – Amanah Tech – 24.01 Mbps
  • London – Iomart Hosting Limited – 25.01 Mbps
  • Amsterdam – Leaseweb B. V. – 31.31 Mbps

VPN4ALL offers unlimited VPN access from 64 VPN server locations in 32 countries (full list) along with support for OpenVPN and PPTP.  VPN4ALL offers an easy to use Windows client along with free iOS and Android apps.  Enjoy VPN access from just $5.95 a month.

As you might imagine testing every server location can take a long time.  Especially with services like IPVanish HMA and VPN4ALL that have large networks.  If we notice any performance issues this page will be immediately updated.  Otherwise we will update our test results every few months.  Bookmark this page for the latest results.

Visit VPN service providers to learn more about VPN.  Follow us @VPNSP for the latest VPN news and deals.