LiquidVPN Pay As You Go Plans

LiquidVPN continues to add new security features and enhancements for their members.  We wrote about their new DNS and IPS features a few weeks ago.  The new additions show just how far LiquidVPN is going to help secure users data and online privacy.  Along with the technical innovations, LiquidVPN has expanded their VPN plans to offer no subscription or “pay as you go” VPN service.  Allowing new members to sign up for 5 days or as long as a year without a commitment for future payments.  The 5 day account costs $2 and a full year is $75.

LiquidVPN no subscription plans

LiquidVPN still offers subscription plans with monthly, semi-annual and annual terms.  They have also added some turnkey VPN solutions.  My personal favorite is their new no subscription plans.  The 5 day plan is perfect for those who travel on occasion.  Especially if you travel for less than 5 days at a time.  It’s easily worth $2 to protect your privacy on public wifi networks.  The same is true for hotel networks.  LiquidVPN has servers in New Jersey, Kansas City and Los Angeles for those traveling in the United States or accessing sites in the US.

Let’s take a closer look at the wide range of LiquidVPN plans:

Subscription Plans (recurring payments)

  • Monthly – $6 for 2 devices, $10 for 4 devices, $18 for 8 devices
  • Semi-Annual – $32 for 2 devices, $50 for 4 devices, $120 for 8 devices
  • Annual – $54 for 2 devices, $84 for 4 devices, $151 for 8 devices

No Subscription Plans (pay as you go)

  • All no subscription plans include 3 connections
  • 5 days of VPN access for $2
  • 30 days of VPN access for $8
  • 180 days of VPN access for $40
  • 365 days of VPN access for $75

Turnkey VPN Solutions

  • Private Server Italian IP – $27.30 a month
  • Dedicated UK IP – $13 a month
  • Dedicated NL IP – $13 a month

Having the expansive selection of VPN plans will help LiquidVPN capture a section of the market that might otherwise be left with very few choices.  I believe they offer one of the only no subscription, pay as you go, style plans in the VPN industry.  Having the option of a dedicated IP address in the UK and NL are also nice options.  Along with the private server with Italian IP.  Dedicated IP address can be helpful for those playing games online and accessing financial sites.  Most users will be quite happy with a shared IP account for the best privacy.

Head on over to to learn more about their service.  If you decide to sign up for a subscription plan the LiquidVPN team is kindly offering our visitors 20% off the first billing cycle of any term.

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