Hemlis Secure Messenger Funded

Hemlis recently announced they would be building a secure messenger for mobile users.  They plan on making the app for iOS and Android devices.  With a free version along with paid upgrade for enhanced features.  Most important is the promise of encryption to protect your privacy while communicating through Hemlis.  They set out to raise $100,000 and surpassed that goal in the first 36 hours.  Visit heml.is to learn more about the project.

Hemlis Private Messaging App

Hemlis means Secret in Swedish.  The team developing the new privacy app includes Peter Sunde (@brokep), Leif Högberg (@leihog) & Linus Olsson (@bonq).  Peter is also founder of iPredator VPN.  If you remember him from elsewhere like we do then argh!  We’ll keep an eye out and share the news when the app is released.

Here’s some more information from the heml.is site:

Why the name?
Hemlis means “Secret” in Swedish. And .is is the top level domain of Iceland, a small but beautiful nation in northern europe – quite close to Sweden! The Icelanders are famous for data protection and it’s one of few top level domains that has proven that they do not cave in to pressure easily.

What technology will Heml.is use?
We are building Heml.is on top of proven technologies, such as XMPP with PGP.

Is it really secure?
Yes and no. Nothing is ever 100% secure. There will not be any way for someone without access to your phone to read anything, but with access to your phone they can of course read the messages. Just as they can use any other app you have installed.

Your server only?
Yes! The way to make the system secure is that we can control the infrastructure. Distributing to other servers makes it impossible to give any guarantees about the security. We’ll have audits from trusted third parties on our platforms regularily, in cooperation with our community.

Will you release Hemlis on other platforms?
We will focus on getting the application released for iOS and Android. Once we have accomplished that, it’s only natural that we expand to other platforms as well.

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