VyprVPN Releases Mobile VPN Apps

Whether you’re a Giganews Diamond user or a member of Golden Frog’s VyprVPN you’ll be happy to hear about their latest innovations.  Last week Golden Frog released mobile apps for both iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android devices.  The new client apps are free to Giganews Diamond users and VyprVPN Pro customers.  You can visit the Golden Frog blog for more information or download either the iOS or Android apps.

VyprVPN has provided members with free Windows and Mac clients for a long time now.  Along with supporting iOS and Android devices.  The difference is they now have custom apps which are more useful and easier to use than manually configuring your own VPN connections.  Let’s take a look at some of the features in the new Vypr mobile apps.  We’ll start with their iOS app with it’s “on Demand” feature and then move on to Android.

VyprVPN iOS App

The VyprVPN iOS app is free to all Giganews Diamond and VyprVPN Pro members.  You can download it directly from iTunes.  Our favorite feature by far is their new “VuprVPN On Demand” which connects you to the VPN service any time you access the internet.  Without having to turn VPN access on and off.  This is the first iOS app we’ve seen that connects on demand.  Here are some more features in the new Vypr iOS app.

  • VyprVPN on Demand – automatically connect when you browse the internet
  • Encrypt all your usage including other iOS apps, email and web browsing
  • Choose which VPN location to connect to with servers in six countries
  • Automatically connect to your nearest VPN server
  • Stay secure when using your iOS device on Wi-Fi networks

VyprVPN Android App

I can hear the Android fans saying blah, blah iOS.  How about support for Android devices?  Golden Frog didn’t forget Android.  In fact they released both apps the same day.  Showing their commitment to customers by supporting both platforms.  The VyprVPN Android app has a number of nice features.  Get the easy to use app and connect to any server on the VyprVPN network.  You can download it now from Google Play.

  • Encrypt your Android apps, email and internet browsing
  • Choose which VPN location to connect to with servers in six countries
  • Single tap access to any VyprVPN server
  • View your current server location, time connected and throughput
  • Stay secure when using your Android device on Wi-Fi networks

We look forward to testing the new mobile apps.  Both from an iPhone and Android tablet.  We’ll let you know how it goes.  We’re especially excited to test out the new VyprVPN on Demand iOS feature.  Check the apps out for yourself.  Usenet fans can sign up for a Giganews Diamond account.  If Usenet doesn’t interest you then visit Golden Frog to sign up for a VyprVPN Pro account.  Either way you can enjoy unlimited mobile VPN access.